The gene therapy created within the Spinal Cord Injury Research Facility by PhD student Jarred Griffin is making significant strides.

While this image may just look like squiggles, it is in fact the single most important image I have captured over the last three years of developing this therapy.

 The corticospinal tract contains descending axons from the brain that control motor function of the limbs. Using a certain laboratory technique these individual axons can be visualised and traced. Typically, after injury these axons will retract and collapse within the corticospinal tract. However, when treated with the gene therapy, the axons (three of which are highlighted in red) are stimulated to regenerate, growing into grey matter and distant white matter where they join onto networks that bypass the injury and restore lost motor function”.

For further information on the research currently being undertaken at the SCIRF please visit our Research Updates page

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