Born and bred in Wairarapa, Aaron Slight (MNZM) went on to become one of New Zealand’s leading motorsport exponents, with an outstanding career as a motorcycle professional. But Slight didn’t have things handed to him easily: his first O.E. in 1986 was with money he saved to try road racing in Australia. He went on to race all over the world, based out of Monaco. His humble beginnings in the sport had kicked off at 12, and although his family initially had no interest in the sport themselves, Aaron says:

“I was extremely persistent and this led to the family ‘giving in’ little by little until eventually they were completely immersed into the motorcycle scene. Since then, they’ve been great.”

After that, Aaron was off and racing – and hasn’t stopped since.

“Asia, Europe, Australasia, the United Kingdom, travel has been a very special part of my career. The kind of learning that this gives you is irreplaceable. It was a huge challenge and being part of the job was more work than play! It was a privilege to have been and experienced so many wonderful cultures and people. The one thing that was always the same was the fans: never ending and always happy to see you at their ‘home’ race.”

Aaron’s highs – “Winning races, competing well, personal satisfaction and enjoyment, the longevity of my career.” His other passions include road cycling – “I am involved in a lot of cycling within Wellington and compete in the Taupo Lake Challenge every year” – music, fitness and healthy living.

“Motorsport is obviously an extreme sport and often unfortunately results in extreme injury. I have seen close competitors suffer serious Spinal Cord Injuries. It would be great if I can help.”

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